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Will pci-x work in pci slot

Will pci-x work in pci slot timothy mcdonald procter gamble Over the years the PCI slot has evolved into a PCI-X slot, which is mainly used in server and high performance workstations. You will see some key physical. I have been offered a BlackMagic Decklink PCI-X card by a friend however my motherboard only has PCIe and PCI slots. Would the PCI-X work. To sum it up, PCI 2 cards can be put in PCI-X ports, not the other way around for universal voltage then it should work in a regular 5V PCI slot.

Will pci-x work in pci slot -

Apr 16, 6. Jun 6, Posts: The theoretical maximum amount of data exchanged between the processor and peripherals with PCI-X is 1. In any case, If you guys have any questions about Hackintoshes, let me know. There's a notch in the PCI-X slot that enforces this restriction. When installed in a bit PCI slot, the card automatically runs in the slower bit mode. For example, a PCI 2.

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